LolliPOP square tile

Are you ready everyone? My tricks are sweet.

LolliPOP, when doing her signature move

LolliPOP Edit

LolliPOP is a Vicious fighter in Scout Prestige.  She is part of the Vicious class, Its ability is called Sweet Attraction. This signature move makes attracted to her, and are unable to kill it for a short period of time.

Story Edit

LolliPOP was a normal piece of candy that an unknown scientists' son owned. The scientist held an object called the Organism-Izer, A machine that can turn anything to life. The scientists' son accidentally dropped his lollipop and it came to life! It grew limbs, and a sweet personality. After a few years, LolliPOP is now a fighter in scout prestige!

Stats Edit

Class: Vicious

Ability: Sweet Attraction

Flavor Text: Despite cosplaying as a sweetheart, she has her ways of being a evil mastermind. Find this on her resume.

Speed: Average

Health: Above Average

Attack: Average

Trivia Edit

  • LolliPOP is based off of the popular sweet, the lollipop. (duh)
  • The POP in LolliPOP was capitalized to have a pun.
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